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Improve the vocabulary and reading comprehension skills of your students. Get a copy of “Toby’s Farm” by Julia Preston.   See your students read and learn from reading real life stories.

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"Toby's Farm, Real Life stories," is a scholastic work geared toward young people at the third, fourth, and fifth grade levels.  The stories will fascinate young readers, engaging them in the learning process. The book incorporates content area reading with special emphasis on vocabulary development, comprehension, word recognition and fluency.

"Toby's Farm Real Life Stores," is a passionate achievement which teaches students the core value of teamwork, perseverance, responsibility and respect for themselves and others.

All materials in this book can be used out of sequence by the teacher with any chapter being taught separately. This allows the instructor to have more flexibility in classroom instruction. Finally, the answer sheet is provided to facilitate the accuracy of all responses which will be beneficial to the teacher and the child.  Thank you in advance for your patronage.

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